Ironstone Building Materials

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IN STOCK: Closeout Boral TruExterior

5/4″x4″x12′ Woodgrain/Smooth – $9.00 SOLD OUT

5/4″x8″x12′ Woodgrain/Smooth – $19.00/Piece

5/4″x12″x12′ Woodgrain/Smooth – $28.00/Piece

1″x8″x12′ Woodgrain/Smooth – $17.00/Piece SOLD OUT

1″x10″x12′ Woodgrain/Smooth – $22.00/Piece SOLD OUT 

1″x10″x16′ Shiplap – $28.00 SOLD OUT

1″x12″x12′ Woodgrain/Smooth – $23.00/Piece SOLD OUT

1″x2-1/8″x12′ Batten – $5.95/Piece

1″x6″x16′ Nickle Gap – $19.00/Piece SOLD OUT

Primed and Ready For Paint!

“TruExterior products are made with fly-ash, a by-product recovered from coal combustion. When fly-ash is combined with polymers, it becomes a durable material that’s ideally suited for exterior siding and trim. Rigorously tested in various extreme climates, TruExterior products are resistant to moisture and bugs once installed. Paint lasts longer than on wood because Boral TruExterior products cycle virtually no moisture.” Suitable for ground contact.

Boral TruExterior® Siding Facts
· Workability exceeds that of wood siding
· Installs with standard woodworking
tools and methods
· No need to prime ends or field cuts
· Easily accepts paint of any color
· Accepts a wide variety of fasteners
· Resists rot and termite attacks
· Maintains high level of dimensional
· No cracking or splitting from moisture

Hot Deal:  WM445 -3 1/4″ x 16′ PFJ Colonial Casing

(480 Pieces Per Skid) – $3686.40 Take All

***2-3 Business Day Leadtime***

Hot Deal:  Hollow Core Textured Raised Panel Bifold Set

2/0 Bifold – (42 Kit Skid) – $840.00 Take All

***2-3 Business Day Leadtime***