Basement Doors

Ironstone Building Materials

 ***Due to very high demand and lack of available material from our suppliers, our inventory is never guaranteed***

Gordon Cellar / Basement Doors

“Longer Lasting Yet More Economical Than Wooden Basement Doors, Gordon All-Steel Basement Doors Are Available In a Wide Range of Sizes to Fit a Variety of Precast or Field Constructed Entry Ways. Gordon is the Leader in Retrofitting Non Standard Openings.”

Replacement Doors For Sloping Foundations

Model RD-1:  44 1/2″ x  62″ – $599.00

Model RD-2:  48 1/2″ x  66 1/2″ – $615.00

Model RD-3: 52 1/2″ x 73 1/2″ – $679.00

Door For New Construction and Existing Flat Foundations

Model CD-1: 57″L x 45″W x 24 1/2″H – $615.00

Model CD-2: 63″L x 49″W x 22″H – $633.00

Model CD-3: 71″L x 53″W x 19 1/2″H – $685.00

“Home Owners’ Security is Enhanced Internally With the Tamper Proof Locking Mechanism.  Externally, Gordon Basement Doors Have the Capability of Padlocking the Handles Together.”

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