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 ***Due to very high demand and lack of available material from our suppliers, our inventory is never guaranteed***

MATERIAL CUTTING POLICY: Ironstone does NOT provide any material cutting services.  Due to insurance regulations, Ironstone is prohibited from providing electric saw use to customers.  We may provide a handsaw or customers may bring their own saw to cut down the material.  Ironstone is not responsible for any injury which may occur while the customer is cutting material.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Western Red Cedar Decking In Stock

5/4″ x 6″ Cedar Decking – $2.15LF

***Sold By The Skid Only***

Skid 195: 117/10′ – $2,515.50 SOLD

Skid 109: 117/12′ – $3,018.60 SOLD

Skid 110: 117/12′ – $3,018.60 SOLD

Skid 254: 117/14′ – $3,521.70

Skid 263: 117/16′ – $4,024.80 SOLD

Skid 264: 117/16′ – $4,024.80 SOLD