In-Stock Wood Decking

Ironstone Building Materials

MATERIAL CUTTING POLICY: Ironstone does NOT provide any material cutting services.  Due to insurance regulations, Ironstone is prohibited from providing electric saw use to customers.  We may provide a handsaw or customers may bring their own saw to cut down material.  Ironstone is not responsible for any injury which may occur while customer is cutting material.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

In-Stock Wood Decking

Perennial Stained Grey Color Acetylated Southern Yellow Pine Decking

Per Piece

16′ Grooved – $11 Per Board

Skid Price — $640.00 (64 Pieces Per Skid)

**Acetylation is a process that alters the cellular structure of the wood.  The process involves heat, pressure, and acetic anhydride. The wood, as a result, is 25% harder and less susceptible to rot.  This decking is southern yellow pine, without large knots, prefinished in a one coat grey color.  Alkyd latex is a standard maintenance finish and stainless steel fasteners are necessary.**